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Stephanie joins the group

Stephanie Liu joins the group as a new graduate student. Welcome Stephanie!!!

Mason’s paper published in Biophysical Journal

Our paper on the interactions between Calcium ions and lipids, in collaboration with the Elber Group is now published in Biophysical Journal.

Valentine, M. L., Cardenas, A. E., Elber, R., & Baiz, C. R. (2018). Physiological Calcium Concentrations Slow Dynamics at the Lipid-Water Interface. Biophysical Journal, In Press.

Sean gives a talk at GRC Vibrational

Sean’s poster on Calmodulin was selected for a talk at the GRC Vibrational Spectroscopy meeting. Congratulations Sean!


Sean’s EDTA paper published in JPCA

Our recent results on ion-dependent vibrational relaxation are published in J. Phys. Chem. A. [PDF]

Emily Ma – Graduation

Emily Ma graduated with her B.S. in Chemistry. She will be joining the graduate program at Northwestern University. Congratulations Emily!

Kwang-Im’s paper published in JPCB

Kwang-Im’s recent paper on the crowding effects of osmolytes is accepted for publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Congratulations Kwang-Im

Kwang-Im Oh, and Carlos R. Baiz “Crowding Stabilizes DMSO – Water Hydrogen-bonding Interactions“, J. Phys. Chem. B, In Press, [PDF]


Ji Yeon Passes her Quals Exam

Ji Yeon recently completed her second-year qualification exam. Congratulations Ji Yeon!


Mason Wins Teaching Award

Mason was selected for a Henze Teaching Award for his exemplary performance as a Teaching Assistant for the department. Congratulations Mason!

Baiz Group at the ACS Meeting in New Orleans


Our group is giving 6 talks and 2 posters at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans. Come see us!

PHYS 72: Ultrafast two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of disordered surfactant interfaces @ Sunday, Mar 18 2:30 PM
Room 223, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

ANYL 244: Ultrafast 2D IR spectroscopy of lipid membranes: Experiments and simulations @ Monday, Mar 19 9:05 AM
Room 229, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

ANYL 460: Computational and spectroscopic studies of pH (Low) insertion peptides in lipid membranes
Thursday, Mar 22 2:45 PM
Room 230, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

BIOL 8: Probing ion-dependent changes to calmodulin binding site conformation with FTIR and ultrafast 2DIR spectroscopy
Sunday, Mar 18 9:20 AM
Room 244, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

PHYS 654: Hydrogen bond populations and dynamics in sorbitan surfactant reverse micelles
Thursday, Mar 22 4:35 PM
Room 221, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

CHED 269: Lysozyme denatuation in DMSO mixtures: A study on cryopreservation
Monday, Mar 19 8:55 AM
Magnolia, New Orleans Marriott Convention Center

PHYS: PHYS Poster Session
Wednesday, Mar 21 6:00 PM
Hall D, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

PHYS: PHYS Poster Session
Wednesday, Mar 21 6:00 PM
Hall D, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center


Chris Passes Quals Exam

Congratulations Chris!