Baiz Group Publications


*undergraduate authors are underlined

  1. Ravi K. Venkatraman, and Carlos R. Baiz, “Ultrafast dynamics at the lipid-water interface: DMSO modulates H-bond lifetimes“, Submitted (2020)
  2. Kwang-Im Oh, and Carlos R. Baiz, “Perspective: Molecular Heterogeneity in Aqueous Cosolvent Systems”, Submitted (2020)
  3. Jennifer C. Flanagan, Alfredo E. Cardenas, Carlos R. Baiz, “Ultrafast spectroscopy of lipid-water interfaces: transmembrane crowding drives H-bond dynamics”, Submitted (2020)
  4. Ji Yeon Kim, Philip Liu, Michael J. Maher, Devon Callan, Christopher M. Bates, Matthew C. Carlson, Yusuke Asano, Gregory Blachut, Charles T. Rettner, Joy Y. Cheng, Daniel F. Sunday, R. Joseph Kline, Daniel P. Sanders, Nathaniel A. Lynd, Christopher J. Ellison, C. Grant Willson, and Carlos R. Baiz, “Spatial Control of Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Domain Orientation and Alignment on Photo-Patterned Surfaces“, Submitted (2020)
  5. Christopher P. Baryiames, and Carlos R. Baiz, “Slow oil, slow water: long-range dynamic coupling across a liquid-liquid interface“, Submitted (2020)
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  7. Carlos R. Baiz, “Interactive Tools for Teaching Fourier Transforms“, The Biophysicist, 1,1, (2020). [PDF] [MATLAB Software]
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Prior to UT:

  1. Xin-Xing Zhang, Kevin C. Jones, Ann Fitzpatrick, Chunte Sam Peng, Chi-Jui Feng, Carlos R. Baiz, and Andrei Tokmakoff, “Studying Protein-Protein Binding Through T-Jump Induced Dissociation: Transient 2D IR Spectroscopy of Insulin Dimer“, J. Phys. Chem. B, ASAP (2016) [PDF]Insulin_Paper_Abstract
  2. Paul Stevenson, Christoph Götz, Carlos R. Baiz, Jasper Akerboomf, Andrei Tokmakoff and Alipasha Vaziri, “Visualizing KcsA conformational changes upon ion binding by atomistic modeling of infrared spectroscopyJ. Phys. Chem. B, 118, 5824 (2015) [PDF]Stevenson_JPCA_2015
  3. Carlos R. Baiz, and Andrei Tokmakoff “Structural Disorder of Folded Proteins: Isotope-Edited 2D IR Spectroscopy and Markov State ModelingBiophys J. 108, 7, 1747 (2015) [PDF]Baiz_Biophys_J_2015
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Book Chapter

  1. Carlos R. Baiz, Mike E. Reppert, and Andrei Tokmakoff, “An Introduction to Protein 2D IR Spectroscopy“, Ultrafast Infrared Vibrational Spectroscopy, Edited by Michael D. Fayer CRC Press, ISBN: 1466510137, (2013) [PDF]Baiz_BookChapter_2013