Posts by Joseph Shirley

Welcome Eman!

We are excited to welcome Eman to the group as a graduate student. She will be working on the lanmodulin project.

Welcome Keegan!

Today we welcomed Keegan as an official group member! Keegan is working on DMSO-Water mixtures.

Welcome Xiaobing!

We welcome Xiaobing as a new postdoc in the lab!

Welcome Sunayana!

We are excited to have Sunayana Mitra in our group as a postdoctoral scholar! She comes from the group of Prof. Sean Garrett-Roe at the University of Pittsburgh.

Congrats to Dr. Baryiames

Hooray! Chris was successful in his thesis defense. He will be moving on to be a postdoctoral scholar for Linda Columbus at UVA.

Congrats to Dr. Valentine!

Congrats to Mason Valentine who successfully defended over Zoom. He will be joining the Xiong Lab at the University of California San Diego as a postdoctoral scholar.