Our research is funded by the following organizations. We gratefully acknowledge their generous support.



MIRROR: a Microplastic Raman Optical Rover to Understand Microplastics Variability Along Beaches of Matagorda Peninsula

DE-SC0023221: Ultrafast Chemistry in Confined Environments: Understanding the role of H-bond dynamics

National Science FoundationBIO-1815354: Understanding Highly Heterogeneous Biological Membranes

National Science Foundation

CHE-1847199: CAREER: Ultrafast hydrogen-bond dynamics in crowded, heterogeneous environments

National Science Foundation

CHE-2019083: MRI: Development of a Sub-diffraction Limited Microscope for Imaging Ultrafast Dynamics from the Visible to Mid-infrared Spectral Range (PI: Sean Roberts)


F-1891: Studies in biophysical chemistry: applications of infrared spectroscopy


R35GM133359: MIRA; Protein structure and dynamics in ultra-heterogeneous environments


Research Corporation for Science Advancement: Molecular dynamics at heterogeneous oil-water interfaces & A new approach to addressing the mental health needs of graduate students.

Alfred P Sloan Foundation: Sloan Research Fellowship

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation; Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award: Ultrafast Dynamics at Heterogeneous Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

Project SAWIAGOS (See a world in a grain of sand)

Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials: an NSF MRSEC

College of Natural Sciences; The University of Texas at Austin